Story a day: final scene

Okay so the prompt today was to provide an ending to a story. Naturally, I have chosen my work in progress for this particular thing. The ending that I would have would normally be longer than this, but the prompt said no more than 600 words. Anyway, I am not sure whether I have managed to do the showing not telling that is needed, but this is definitely not a final draft. This is a first attempt.

The prompt was:

The Prompt

 In no more than 600 words write the ending of a story. This is effectively the final scene, the denouement, the resolution or however you want the story to end. This is still a Tension Tuesday prompt, so we need to know how all the tension has been dealt with.

My final scene that I am going to share with you now is this, even though I am not sure that it fulfils the tension part of the prompt:

– –

Alice decided to look around the next day to savour every sight that she found along the way. There were mixed feelings running through her body as she meandered among the brightly coloured tents of the place that she had grown up in. Of course, she was excited to be going on a new adventure and living her own dream of becoming an interior designer. Mind you, she couldn’t expect to not feel sad about leaving everything that she had ever known far behind her.

She walked into the big top to watch the people rehearsing for the performance that was going to happen after lunch. They will ignored her presence, as of course she knew they would. The art of manipulating a person’s memory while they were asleep was probably something that she was not going to miss. It had been difficult enough to persuade her friends that she did not exist. It was something that she actually found a little gutwrenching to watch the people that she had grown up with just walk past her without blinking an eyelid.

Dave, who was the new ringmaster since Warren had ‘disappeared’, was instructing people about how he wanted the performance to be seen. Alice had thought that he would be one of the most difficult people to persuade, but even he was walking about with no sign of looking like he had lost someone, or something. She had to smile as she realised that the power was even stronger than she had originally thought it could be.

If only she could come out of this without the sense of losing someone. Convincing the people that she did not exist was painful enough, but she wish that she was able to turn powers on herself. After all, there was one person that she wished she did not remember existed at all.

The thought of Jordan made her slide down the central pole and put her head on her knees. Her hair fell in front of her face and she listened to the sound of people rehearsing not far from where she sat. The almost rhythmic sound of people’s feet slapping against the floor was a calming influence while the vision of Warren’s disapproving face swam before her eyes. She was still beyond belief that she had killed the one person that she thought meant more to her than life itself. Mind you, she had learnt, probably the hard way, that Warren was not the person to care about, but that person was in fact the enemy, Jordan.

Of course, Jordan was now gone along with the life she had once considered to be her own. Now she had to go out there and make a whole new one.

Just as she was about to get up and leave she became aware of a presence walking towards her. When they stopped beside her she decided that it must be a coincidence because nobody knew that she was there. As far as they were concerned, the members of the freak show didn’t know she was there.

Still, she found herself glancing up to see who was standing there. Her eyes locked on the impossible sight of Jordan and she found that she was somewhere beyond words.

“I couldn’t leave,” he said as he helped her to her feet. “They granted me a whole new stab at life to join in with yours. That is, if you will have me.”

Unable to hold back the tears any longer she simply nodded her head. “Of course.”

Together they walked out of the freak show grounds.

– –

Don’t forget the you can find the character spotlights on my blog for Alice, Jordan, and Warren.

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