Story a day: Better without

This is my response to today’s story a day prompt. The prompt itself was fairly open today, which is something that I definitely enjoy when it comes to a writing prompt. This was the prompt:

The Prompt: 

Write about something that has been lost and then found.

This is the story that I have come up with, enjoy!

– –

It had been three years since he had walked out on me. Well, to be more precise, three years five months to weeks and a day. Not that I kept count or anything. I did at first because of the various emotions that were running about inside of my head. The sense of loss was there because I was under the impression that I was absolutely in love with this man. Mind you, the most overwhelming emotion that I felt at this time was fear.

Why fear? Well, he had literally spent his life while we were together explaining to me that I needed him in order to survive. He told me that I was useless, that I could not do anything, definitely could not make decisions, and that I was a genuinely pathetic person that he was having to baby through life. He constantly told me that this was a drain on him, and that I really should try to do better to make him happy.

I tried; I really tried.

Since he walked out then I suppose that he had just had enough of having to do everything for me. I remember waking up on that morning being absolutely terrified of what was going to become of me. There was no way that I could cope on my own, as this is what I had always been told.

It took a very long time for me to become aware that I had been lied to. I began to realise that I could do many things on my own, and really did not need anybody to tell me what or how to do anything at all. For the first time in my life I began to feel free and completely at ease with everything. I gained confidence, and really began to take charge of my home situation. There was a job waiting for me as soon as I realised what my potential as an employee actually was. Administration was my thing, that and mixing that with dealing with people only made my confidence grow.

By now I had become the receptionist at a very large company. Well, I was more than the receptionist of course because I was a personal assistant for the chief executive. It was up to me to decide who should go through his door, and who would, probably, be wasting his time.

This is how I found my ex. Of course, he did not recognise the strong and confident person that he was faced with because all he had seen is the weak and pathetic individual that I had once been. Not any more. He was there to gain an audience with the chief executive, hoping to promote some idea that he had had. It was all about money, of course, because he wanted to gain sponsorship.

I looked through the papers after the jolt of surprise that had rocked through my body when I looked up and saw his face. That surprise was quickly replaced by a cold hatred. Years of practice meant that I completely masked everything with a professional smile. I told him to take a seat and await the outcome.

Naturally, the chief executive never knew about that idea because I decided the owner was nothing but a waste of time. What a pity I had never worked that out when we were together.

6 thoughts on “Story a day: Better without

  1. Awesome story! I really enjoyed reading this and seeing how she overcame his being a crutch for her and mentally abusing her. I felt joy when reading the part where she took charge of her life and became the person she was always meant to be.

    Liked by 1 person

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