It is of course another Sunday, and so it is time for the photo fiction challenge. In this challenge you are given a photo and asked to write a story of around 200 words to go with it.

This is the picture that we were given today:


And this is the 200 word story that I have come up with as a result:

– –

There was silence as Derek watched the two cars being towed away. He took a deep breath before turning to face the two drivers of the cars.

“Just explain to me what happened?”

“We just crashed into each other,” one of the men explained as he moved his crash helmet around in his hands.

“I can see that,” Derek replied abruptly as he frowned at the man. “I mean, would either of you care to explain just why I am watching my cars being towed away today?”

There was a pause before the second man spoke up. “Am I missing something? I have always believed that the whole point of stockcar racing is to actually destroy the cars. I mean, it gives people something to watch at the end of the day, and everybody enjoys a good crash. Might as well face it, boss, this is the way that we get to have fans. This is what brings in the money, right?”

Derek’s face went red as anger threatened to burst forth from his lips. Instead of the tirade that was eager to be launched, he instead punched the desk. “Crash, yes, but not into your teammate. How many times?”

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