Writing resources


my friend posted earlier about the word target tool in Scrivener. Unfortunately you are unable to add that deadline in the Windows version of the program. Because of this I have had to find an alternative method for me to be able to keep track of my writing.

Using the endless powers of Internet searching, I arrived at this website:


I am using the steam punk spreadsheet to keep tabs on what I am doing. Here are a couple of screenshots so that you can see the way that it works:

Screenshot 2015-09-26 16.34.09 Screenshot 2015-09-26 16.34.26 Screenshot 2015-09-26 16.34.39

I think that this has a really great way to actually see what progress you are making, or not making, in the months of the year. It is also very good if you are like me and can’t do coding when it comes to Microsoft Excel! I highly recommend using this site if you need to manage your account of words… Very good for NaNoWriMo, and there are specific spreadsheets for this month alone!

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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