Story a day: Frame

I did not really follow the writing prompt today. I only really did half of it, because when I read it I realised that it pretty much was my work in progress. I not planning on putting all of that up here, mainly because it is not written yet! I was going to do a short story that involved the characters, but instead I decided to just do to frame.

So, this was the prompt:

The Prompt

Write a story that revolves around a character with a ‘fatal flaw’ who, as a result, commits a fatal error that has a tragic result. Use a frame story to reinforce the flaw.
(Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley)

This is the frame that I have written for part of my work in progress:

You can read the character spotlight for Warren (the writer of the diaries) if you want that detail by clicking here. (You can also read Alice and Jordan)

– –

Dear diary,

Today was much the same as any other day. I mean, it was different because I managed to capture myself a Dream Guardian which is obviously something I do not do every day. However, it was the same because I found that everybody under my control today did exactly what I asked them to do. That is something that happens every day, and it is something that has ceased to be a surprise to me. Even Alice has ceased to be a surprise.

She has not come into those powers, and her first introduction to a Guardian did not go in the way that I wanted it to. I expected her to realise what her powers were as soon as she saw him, but she did not even give a flicker of knowledge. This did dishearten me. Maybe I was actually wrong in believing that a Guardian was the key into unlocking her powers.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens when I introduced them in person tomorrow. I am actually quite looking forward to making them work together, because I expect that there will be fireworks. They are enemies, and so I fully expect that she will realise this on some level and come to me with an even greater level of trust than she has already. Not that it can even get any greater than it already is.

Anyway, the Guardian has told me that his name is Jordan, although his name is completely irrelevant. He has wings, and so he will be a great addition to my stage whether he wants to be, or not. My only wish is that he looked a bit older than he does, I didn’t really want any accusations of child labour when it comes to that. There would be far too much work on my part to avoid it, and I really can’t be bothered to do all of that. It wasn’t part of my plan.

– –

Dear diary,

Well, today has definitely been full of surprises. Not only do I learn that Alice has the ability to channel powers (which is something that has eluded Walkers for generations), but I also find out that she has the ability to lie to me. She has gone behind my back to confide everything to Jordan. The enemy. Why would she go and do something like that? I believed that I had trained her better than that. But, no, apparently I hadn’t.

I know that I should be pleased, because deceit is something that I would love to see in a fellow Walker, but this is showing that he has gone against me in more ways than I thought possible.

She has run away with that Guardian, and used her power to throw me out of the dream world that I actually introduced her to. Ungrateful cow! If it wasn’t for me then she wouldn’t be able to build a dream in order to kick me out of it. I am just beyond thinking at the moment, because this is something that should not even be possible. I put so much work into that girl, mentally preparing her from her very early age for everything that was coming.

This is how she repays me!

With a Guardian no less. I introduced him to her as well, I could absolutely kick myself for that manoeuvre. Yes, he woke up her powers but look at the price that I have paid the end of everything. I feel like I have lost the one thing that mattered, the one thing that I worked on the most. Alice was the only thing that was of any importance in the world that I created. She was supposed to become a partner.

Instead, she has become the enemy. Something that I never thought could ever happen. Not to her, not to the only one that I actually cared about.

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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