So, yesterday, I put up a character spotlight of my joint protagonist Jordan. This has only received three views, although it has achieved a larger number of likes (more than double) and I am wondering why.

I know that people do this quickfire liking thing when it comes to posts, and usually it does not bother me. Well, it always bothered me a bit because nobody is reading my work so they don’t really know whether or not they would like it.

Anyway, I was wondering what it actually was that stopped people from reading it. Was it length? Or was it simply because you believed that you would not find it interesting because you did not read about the character before? I would really like to know your honest opinions about this one.


6 thoughts on “Question

  1. I normally like after I read. Am surprise to know that some actually “like” without reading. How can they like something they didn’t read? *puzzled*

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