Character spotlight – Jordan

d131f4df214029f365ea46cd97e9bff4It is time to do a spotlight on my character Jordan. Jordan is the protagonist (or joint protagonist) of my story freak show. I have chosen these two pictures to define his look as one of them features the wings that I want to have people picture, and the other one is his genuine physical appearance minus the wings. Physically I want him to represent the aboriginal American Indian and so the picture I have chosen is almost a generic version of this. I do not mind that he looks very stereotypical, because that means I do not have to do much in the way of description beyond the fact that he is an aboriginal American Indian.

His date of birth is 01 December 1809. He is not a member of the undead, or anything like that. Well, I suppose that he is in his own little way. What I am trying to say, is that he did die a completely natural death many years previously. When he died his spirit was recruited into the realm of Dream Guardian where he has spent his time protecting the sleeping mind from various attacks. The reason that he has wings is simply because he uses the power of the draft and flapping them to destroy a dream.

Originally in his life he was part of the Shoshone tribe who were in nomadic race the rammed along the wind River area of America. Mind you, his previous life is a very little importance in the story as he can barely remember it himself.

He has been as spirit for 200 years, and so he is pretty much forgotten how to function as a living person. The fact that he has been transformed into a living person is something that he is unable to understand. What happened to him is that he became trapped in a dream, and then Warren calmly informed Jordan that the dream was in fact his own. From then on he became a living person, and no longer a Dream Guardian. However, he has some semblance of residual power, even though he can do nothing, because Alice is able to channel that power.

Marcus, his spirit mentor, is drafted in to try and explain how he is living, and also to try and teach Alice about the power of channelling.

Warren is the enemy in this scenario, and does very little except act exactly like that. However, Alice is also supposed to be the enemy but Jordan has found her nothing but helpful, and generally kind. He really does not want to see her turned into the kind of twisted individual that Warren actually is. Jordan believes that the best way of doing this is to remove Alice from the situation entirely, and so he convinces her to run away with him.

Unfortunately, at this point, he begins to realise that he has some growing feelings for her. This is something that he is not prepared for in any way.

The story is all about him struggling with the physical reality of the world while trying to work out a way back. This is seemingly blocked by Warren, and the presence of Alice merely complicates matters even further for him.

Jordan strongly believes that Warren should have just let him die in the physical realm rather than make him perform. For him, this is a fate worse than death.

I will probably do another spotlight just on the powers that are featured within the tale, feel free to shoot me a comment about that, or any questions that you may have about Jordan.

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