Story a day: Barbecue

This is my entry into today’s prompt. The prompt is detailed below.

The Prompt

 Write a short story about a family gathering where things don’t quite work out as expected. It can be a social event at work or a family holiday that goes spectacularly wrong, you choose.

Anyway, this is what I have done, so I hope the you enjoy it 🙂

– –

Ashley could not contain the scream that erupted from her lips when she turned her gaze skywards. The reason that she had actually stepped outside of her aunt’s house was because she needed to find an escape from her family. Nobody seemed to understand that she just wanted some time to herself. Finally she had staggered outside for a cigarette, but something falling on her from above had dragged away her attention and made her look up.

Big mistake.

Hanging in the tree was her aunt. It was not a sight that she was going to forget easily. Of course, her cry had got the attention of absolutely everybody, and now she was surrounded once again. She did not really notice how much her plan had backfired on her, because right at that moment she was happy that there were people around her.

There had definitely been a murder, because nobody managed to put themselves in a tree in that way. Ashley shuddered as she considered the possibility. The whole family were now suspects and she really did not want to think that a member of her own family would be capable of it.

The need for space crept up on Ashley once again, and she found herself trying to separate from the knot of people that had formed tightly around her. They were noisy, invading her personal space, and offering some kind of sympathy for what she had discovered.

Not only that, but the sympathy offered by one person was going to be fake because they had actually done the deed. If it was only one.

She shuddered.

Her aunt was annoying, true, but she could not imagine that anybody had hated her enough to want her dead.

This was supposed to be a happy family barbecue celebrating a birth of somebody that she supposed was a cousin. Now it was going to be a messy murder enquiry.

9 thoughts on “Story a day: Barbecue

  1. Completely unexpected, and fantastic!

    I’ll join the sequel chorus but, as someone who’s attempted to write a mystery himself, I know how tiresome it can be to work out the motive and method and all that behind-the-scenes stuff. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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