This is my attempt at this week’s FFfAW challenge. In this challenge you are given a picture and asked to write a 100 to 150 word story inspired by the image. This week’s images provided by Graham Lawrence, and is pictured below:


And the following is the story that I have, and with. Enjoy!

– –

She worked with the flurry of paint, splattering colours over the paper resting on the easel. Finally, the months of waiting for spring had reached the conclusion. Just as the garden was bursting into life around her, the picture seemed to do the very same thing. The life of nature was springing out of the page, and as Maud stepped back she could feel the pride bursting out of her chest. This was the best work that she had ever done, and she just knew that her husband in their house was going to love seeing the view that he so sorely missed propped up in the bed.

34 thoughts on “Painting

  1. Angie, this is such a wonderful story with a sad ending, since her husband is bed ridden. That is sweet that she is bringing “the garden” to him. Lovely bitter sweet story! Thank you so much for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge!

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