Monday journal

I can’t believe that a is a Monday again! It is one that is where is the time going kind of months, don’t you think?

Anyway, it is probably time to you all up to speed on what I am up to. Well, as you can probably see I have been doing this story a day challenge which has been going wonderfully well. I missed two days of this because I was travelling down to watch the Rocky horror show in London. I will get to that the minute. I have also done some flash fiction challenges, as well as working on my work in progress. So, yes, writing -wise this has been a very productive week.

I am also doing very well with my reading, so I am amazingly happy about that!

The show itself was absolutely amazing, and Richard O’Brien definitely made it even more of a special occasion. I was dressed as Colombia, and have already put up a picture in this week’s gratitude journal. Mind you, it is such a good picture that I am more than happy to put it up again!


Oddly enough, I am the one in the middle! I am not sure who the guys are that they were just amazing so I had to get a picture with them. If anybody recognises them, please feel free to point out who they are 🙂 There was an absolutely brilliant Brad and Janet sitting somewhere near me in the theatre but you are not allowed to take pictures by the time they sat down.

Of course, everything has its downside and this one would be that it was in London. My satnav decided to send us up a dead end where it thought a car park was. This would not have been so bad, it was not on Trafalgar Square and leading on to a road you cannot turn round on! Well, we could have tried making the news by turning round in the driveway of Buckingham Palace 🙂

Well, that is my news for this week so I shall look forward to seeing you all next Monday for another update 🙂


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