Things I am thankful for… Week ending 20 September 2015

This is my list of five things for the week.

  1. Writing. I know I am behind with the story a day thing that I am doing, but I have done quite a lot of writing and am still in front of my monthly target. So, happy days!
  2. Rocky Horror. That was this week, and I went as Colombia as planned. My favourite picture from the evening would be:


it was an absolutely amazing night, and a whole lot of fun!

  1. Richard O’Brien. Not only was he amazing to watch as the narrator, but of course I am eternally grateful that he wrote it. (He doesn’t look a day older than when he played Riff –Raff!)
  2. Reading. I have even had some time this week to get some reading done, which is something that I am always grateful to be able to do.
  3. Fifty ways to kill your mammy. Not only is this a brilliant programme on TV, but it is also very good to watch for travel ideas 🙂

okay, so the numbering appears to have gone a bit strange on this one. I am sure that you can all work out though 🙂


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