Story a day: Something new

I am not really sure what to do for this prompt which is:

The Prompt

Write a story in a genre that you wouldn’t normally write. If you’re a squeamish sort of person, try writing a gory horror story. Or if you hate everything mushy and lovey-dovey, try a tender romance. If you don’t normally write within a genre, pick one and try it out! 

I mean usually I write in the form of paranormal, but I have actually tried most genres to try them out. The one thing that I have not really done would be poetry.

So, maybe I should give that a try.

– –

This is my way into something new,

I thought I did give poetry a try.

I have not decided what this is going to be about,

This is not an opportunity for me to fly.

Now that it is obvious that this is not my thing,

I think I will return works that doesn’t rhyme.

Everything is worth a go,

Maybe poetry is something that I would learn over time.

I would like to thank the prompt for the opportunity,

Out of my comfort zone I have stepped.

This is everything that was asked of me,

I should stop while you still have your sanity left!

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