Story a day: Not there

On the face of it, today’s prompt seemed to be an easy one for me to do. I expected to be full of ideas to complete this one, as it is something that I deal with most of the time personally.

So the prompt was,

Prompt: Visibly Invisible

Today’s prompt is about the inner self of your character trying to break out, to be seen, to be heard, to simply be acknowledged.

Think along the lines of being present in a group, yet you’re being discussed as if you were not there.  Now multiply those feelings by 100 for your character who, for reasons you will develop, cannot (at the moment) speak up for themselves.

But, I did not have any ideas about how to go and start writing a story. Not wanting to miss a day, I decided to just write a fifty word story.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

– –

It felt like some kind of dream, no, wait, nightmare. Everybody was talking about me and ignoring me like I was not even sitting in the room with them. When they started going on about what I might actually want is when I could stay silent no longer. I screamed.


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