Story a day: Perspective

This was yesterday’s prompt. I did actually write it yesterday, but I was not near the computer in order to put it up!

This is the prompt:

The Prompt

Write a story from the perspective of someone in a piece of art.

And this is what I have come up with about the Mona Lisa.

thI have been sitting here for hours, this picture had better be better than all of of his other work. This is so dull, he is not even talking to me. Too busy painting apparently for the art of conversation. I am left to sit to think about what is going on, and the things that I might be missing.

As far as I know right now shopping is going on and I very much enjoyed doing that. But I am not shopping am I? No. I am sitting here staring at the wall behind Leonardo as he paints away. He did not exactly give me any helpful hints about what he wanted me to do. He told me to just stare straight ahead and give him a faint smile. What is that exactly? I mean, you are either smiling or you are not. Am I supposed to look happy? Ignorant fellow he is.

Have I left the oven on? Is that a spider crawling up the wall behind him? Oh my God, it actually is, and now I can’t take my eyes off it. There is no way that it can actually reach me which is good, but it has definitely caught and held onto my attention.

Maybe a faint smile is actually freaked out because he seems pleased with the face that I am pulling. I just hope that he is done soon, before I actually die of boredom. Either that, or I am going to have to get up and whack the spider with my shoe.

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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