Story a day: Blind date

This is today’s prompt for the story a day challenge. The prompt is below:

The Prompt

Write a short story about two people meeting up for the first time. They may have emailed, texted, tweeted or whatever, but this is the first time they’ve met face to face.


– –

It was hard to describe just how Sarah was feeling as she paced up and down. She was excited, of course, because she was finally going to meet the kindred spirit that she had met online. This was going to be their first face-to-face meeting, but they have been talking for what seemed like forever. It all started when they met during a gaming session of one of those role-play games. Just two strangers who seem to have a really good time battling the enemy together. They had started chatting out of character, and had exchanged many messages since then.

Strange, because before she had only known him as DarkenedSky, and he had only known her as ViolentFairy. Today though, finally today had arrived, the day that Dave and Sarah were due to meet face-to-face. A giddy thrill passed through her.

She did not even know what he looked like, and he certainly did not know much about her personal appearance. They had agreed to meet at a certain time and at a certain place, because of the way that they had gamed she was well aware that he was not going to be late. Self-conscious all of a sudden she smoothed down her dress, and found herself playing with her hair.

It a little while later that she became aware of somebody watching her. She turned the met the curious gaze of the man behind her. Her heart began to race as he held out a single rose (a common game greeting between players that showed peace) and she knew that she was looking at Dave. Her hand with trembling when she reached out to take the rose. She was not sure why she was suddenly nervous as they have been talking like great friends for ages.

“You look good,” she said in the end as she shifted her weight from foot to foot.

“So do you. Now, what do you say we get a cup of coffee?”

“Sure thing.” Sarah followed Dave to the nearest coffee shop, and waited till they had sat down. “You don’t really look like your avatar.”

He laughed. “My avatar is a dwarf, but we share the same hair. Yours looks like you, though, if you ignore the wings.”

Sarah gave him a smile. “She would not be much a fairy without them!”

Then they started talking about game strategy, and before long the conversation seemed to flow easily. Even when the conversation turned to more personal matters than they usually dealt with online they did not seem to struggle. It seemed that life was going to be good for this partnership.

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