First day

This is my response to today’s story a day prompt. The one that we were given is detailed below:

The Prompt

A person just starting out in their field takes a prestigious, entry-level position in a big city, but the result is not as perfect or exciting as they imagined.
(The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath)

I hope that you enjoy what I have done.

– –

Gabrielle put her head in her hands as she sat in her small cubicle area that she had been assigned. She could hardly bring herself to look at the piece of paper that had been unceremoniously dumped on her desk by her superior. The data on it had to be inputted onto the computer, but she seemed to have been doing nothing else all day. Gabrielle had thought that there would be some kind of training, and she had expected to at least go out and see a crime scene.

After all, she had seen plenty during her time in the country but they had all been minor crimes such as criminal damage. When she had decided to move to the city she had thought that she would be dealing with more interesting crimes such as murder.

But no, she had been staring at a computer screen for an entire day.

She leant back in her chair so that it squeaked under the movement. This brought her the attention of her supervisor who just looked over and watched as she began to spin her chair slightly in each direction.


Sitting up abruptly when she heard the sound Gabrielle coughed slightly. “Um… Not really. I just… I guess I expected the little bit more from my first day.”

“I see.” The supervisor walked over so that he could perch on the edge of her desk. “You have been hired as an assistant, so what did you expect to be doing apart from assisting?”

“I thought that I would be out in the field and doing assistance there.”

He raised a greying eyebrow. “Sounds to me like you have been watching too much CSI.”

Gabrielle felt herself blushing. “It is not that, sir, but that is what I was doing in the job before I took this one on.”

“You came here from the country, right?” When she nodded her head, he continued, “I have been reading your notes from the job before, but you have to understand that crime scenes in the city are very different. We are a team, and you will not be going out into the field until you have proved that you are worth our time.”

“I am definitely somebody that you want on your team,” Gabrielle told him. “You will find that I am nothing but reliable, and will always work with, rather than against, other people.”

“Good. Then you had better get back to work.” He stood up and turned his back on her, affectively dismissing the conversation that they had just had. Then he turned his head to throw a comment over his shoulder. “That data will not input itself.”

“Yes sir.” She turned back to look at the piece of paper, wondering if her move had been worth the time.

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