This is my entry into this week’s FFfAW challenge.

In this challenge you are given a picture and asked to write a piece of flash fiction based on that picture. This is the picture that we were given this week:


This is the story that I have come up with:

Kirsty heaved a sigh as she fiddled with the heater button in the car. They had been travelling all day, and now the sun was starting to set. Rather than revel in the orange glow she found herself focusing on the raindrops that lingered on the window.

Simon turned to her briefly, before looking back at the road. “Do you need to stop again?”

“Can we not just stop altogether?”

Fingers twisted angrily against a steering wheel. “You know that we can’t. Remember, sweetie, this is your fault.”

Kirsty huffed out a breath, and folded her arms defiantly. She should have argued with him, but, then again, he was absolutely right. If she had not lost her temper in that service station then they would not be on the run right now.

She silently returned to watching the water that lay on the glass. It calmed her down enough for her to turn to Simon. “I’m sorry. Thank you for staying with me, you are like my everlasting raindrop on my window.”

Word count: 172

14 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. Great story Angie! At first I wondered why she would compare him to being a raindrop on the window and then I reread the sentence where the raindrops calmed her down. Again, great story and very well done! Thank you for participating in the FFfAW challenge!

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  2. Great mystery.. lots of questions. Something bad must have happened and they may be running from the police. He’s wise enough to know that they must keep going. Nice that she has the raindrops to help calm her down.

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