Story a day: Mindy Asteroid 

Okay, so this was the prompt that we were given:

Write a Mystery or suspense story with this plot line:

“A killer is on the loose, having broken into the home of a wealthy woman and left her for dead. He absconded with a few items, then left the initials, ‘M.A.’”

This is not really my style of writing, so I turned it round to make it a story about a werewolf. At least it is something 🙂

“M.A.?” The inspecting officer scratched his head as he looked at the initials left in blood at the scene. The first thought had been that the victim had left a clue to who attacked her, but that was impossible.

The victim was Mindy Asteroid, so maybe it was someone with an identity crisis? No! Think, Seymour, think! Why would a victim who thought she was dying write her own initials?

The detective would never work out the reason, despite the evidence right in front of him.

There was no break in that night.

Mindy had been sitting in her plush furniture, watching her large television. Being rich sure had it’s perks. Outside the full moon burst light through those patio doors. Inside the woman screamed as her body contorted in impossible directions.

The pearls loosely wrapped around her neck became a garrotte until blood began to flow. As the string snapped sending cream pearls flying fur sprouted from her skin. She fell towards the window shattering the glass. Mindy wrote initials as a warning.

Sadly, saving her meant others would die.

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