Character spotlight – Alice Forbes

pretty-teen-girlOkay, this is Alice Forbes (same rules apply as with Warren. This is a picture that I have found that I think suits my character, so nobody needs to point out who she actually may be!)

Her date of birth is 15 March 1998, so she is eighteen. However, when I started writing this she was seventeen so I will probably change the year to 97 so that it remains that she is seventeen. It is mentioned several times what to her age is, or I would just leave it. So, for the purpose of writing this she is actually seventeen.

Her name is Forbes, but not because Warren is actually her father. The reason that she has the same surname as him is because she was adopted by him. This gives her his family name, although he has never pretended to her that she was not adopted. She has never believed that she was related to him, but she has managed to develop quite an inappropriate crush on him. She is after nothing except for his approval at all times. This is actually made her not notice things like other people. (In particular, Dave. She does not notice that David has a crush on her.)

Alice has no arms, and was born that way. She uses her feet for everything and has become very adept at doing so. She no longer sees this as a disability, but, instead, she does not really notice any difference that she might have from the regular person. Alice tends to see the good side to everything, including the fact that she has learnt how to paint with her feet. She is actually very talented at this, and could almost turn professional. However, she enjoys her time at the freak show, and really enjoys performing in front of other people. Alice can hardly imagine her life without doing just that.

The main dream that she would have, though, would be to start her own business doing interior design. (That, or of course marrying Warren!)

When she first meets Jordan she starts to recollect her dreams, and then discovers that she has the ability to Dream Walk. At first she is happy that she gets to spend more time with Warren, and that she really is special to him. She actually enjoys the power that she finds that she has over other people, and soon learns that she is very good at controlling what happens.

However, when she finds out the way that she is physically bonded to Warren, she becomes unsure about everything. Not only that, but she realises how callous he can be when it comes to other people’s emotions/physical well-being.

When she finds out that she has the power that no one else has had for a very long time, she is reluctant to share this information with Warren. Alice learns that she has the ability to channel, which means that she can take power, the people and use it for her own benefit. The only person that she has successfully done this with is Jordan.

Jordan is the enemy, but she has great trouble seeing him that way. She trusts him beyond everything else, even beyond Warren. She is a bit frightened by this.

Again, if you want to know anything else about her then feel free to ask me. I hope that this has given you a bit of an insight into what I believe is a very interesting character. If you think that I have missed anything out, then feel free to point that out and I will quite happily do another spotlight on her.

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