Monday journal

Okay, so it is Monday again. I can hardly believe that yet another week has passed, and also, yet another month. Where has this year actually gone?

Mind you, I am quite pleased with the progress that I have made with my writing so far this year. I mean, some of my work has found its way to beta readers and so far the comments are being quite positive. I think that may plough just being nice to me, because I am sure that there are plenty of downsides to that piece of work. Various typos and other mistakes are plenty for a start! This is far from the polished piece of work that I hope it will become by the time that I am finished. My favourite comment so far would be the one telling me that they despise my antagonist…Erm… Good! He is not there to be liked, so it is very good to know that I can pull off her completely evil character. I mean, I really like him, and enjoy writing from his point of view… But that is probably just me being twisted! You can find more about him by reading their characters spotlight here.

However, I am still nowhere near trying to work out a good title for the story. Any suggestions after reading the characters spotlight of Warren? Also, do you want to see spotlights featuring my other characters?

I have also been doing writing prompts, and began to work on my flash fiction. Although they do tend to read like part of a bigger story, I am actually quite proud of the way that some of them have turned out. With a bit more work I could probably get even better at doing these, so that they become complete stories on their own.

My blog has also become very important to me because of all the people that I am meeting through this medium. I can honestly say that I am enjoying posting on here immensely, and the comments make it all worthwhile. (HINT!)

Not really got much else to say, as everything is just ticking along nicely. That is always a nice thing for me, so I am happy with that!


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