Character spotlight – Warren Forbes


This guy is called Warren Forbes. (Well, not really because it is a picture that I just found that I thought suited my character! So, no one come and tell me who he actually is, deal?)

He is the antagonist of my story that I am writing at the moment. I thought that I would do a quick character spotlight on him today. I am writing a scene from his point of view, and I thought that this was a good way to get inside of his head so that I could write it down properly. There is a good chance that this won’t work, but I thought that I would give it a go anyway!

I will start with the basics of my story, rather than just plunge into his back story and leave everybody clueless. Warren owns a freak show which is running in Las Vegas. The reason that I based my story there is because I can’t think of anywhere else that would house a freak show on a regular basis, as they are seen as not politically correct! However, if you can think of anywhere else then feel free to let me know and I will go and look it up. So, anyway, where was I? Oh yes, he is very young to be such a smart businessman as his date of birth is 2 June 1985. However, he is calculating and very clever when it comes to making a deal.

What people do not know is that he has the power to manipulate people within their own dreams. He inherited this from his mother, Natalie, who took care of all his training needs when he was growing up. Warren soon learnt that he absolutely adored the power to manipulate people when they were completely aware of being controlled. He was soon using this to make his way in the business world to keep him in the lifestyle that he was accustomed to. He was always toying with the idea of having a bunch of people within his employ that he could manipulate on a daily basis, so that he pretty much owned them and everything that they did. Then he met Alice, who was a fellow Dream Walker that he would be able to train.

Alice was born without any arms and so he developed the idea of a freak show where no one would question her being there. He located the place in Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, and soon found himself some recruits. The show grew and grew over the years, and now there were forty-six people that he was in control of.

Natalie is still around, and is very proud of the work that her son carries out. They team up occasionally, but generally Warren likes to do his work on his own.

Warren formed a plan one day to capture himself a Dream Guardian. This is the opposing power to his own, and sometimes his work can be ruined by a Guardian coming in to protect what they see as the victim. Warren believes that this is rubbish because the person has no idea what is happening and therefore they can’t be a victim. There are two reasons that he wants a Guardian to be present. First and foremost, by the age of seventeen, Alice has yet to wake up to her powers as a Walker. He believes that meeting a Guardian would help her to remember her dreams and, simply, wake up those powers. Warren is convinced that once she realises what an obstacle they can be he will have an aide in the destruction of the enemy, and nothing makes him happier. The second reason that he wants one, would be purely selfish, as he simply wants a performer who has wings, because that would make him the only freak show with a genuine angel. (He knows that they are not an angel, but everyone else would refer to a being with wings as an angel!)

So, that is the basic bit of my story from the way that he sees it. There with some of his history which is going to remain hidden because it would involve a massive spoiler!

The scene that I am writing now are about his thoughts when he realises that Alice has run away with Jordan (the Guardian). Which is not something that he had ever considered that she would do. He expected her to believe him above everybody else because he was the one who brought her up. He had also convinced her (within a dream) at a very young age that she was just about in love with him. Because of this Warren had believed that she would rather die than betray him in any way. To find out that she had done just that makes him feel uncomfortable. And also angry.

Feel free to ask me any questions about Warren, because I am very sure that I will be able to answer them, and enjoy doing so 🙂 Seriously, anything as I have done a good character interview.

6 thoughts on “Character spotlight – Warren Forbes

    1. I keep trying to drop the little bits of information in to my writing so that I don’t do one big info drop! It is trying to work out where to put some of it 🙂
      But, I am still believe that you found that he despised him… Because that is what I want at the end of the day, I am not sure that I want people to like him!
      I will probably do spotlights on the other main characters, it felt quite good to do this…

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