IS ‘blows up’ ancient temple in Palmyra (link)

This is something that I will never understand. I mean terrorism is all about spreading terror, so where does destroying ancient buildings fit into that? What exactly is the message that they are trying to get through to us by doing things like this? If the message is simply that they are dicks, then they are doing an extremely good job.

Okay, so the temple was not related to their own version of God, but then do many people actually worship the ancient gods of storm and fertility rain? Nobody has touched it, and it was certainly doing no harm. Nobody there was telling people what to believe, or what to do to enforce belief. It was a sight of historical interest, as is Stonehenge. The difference between Palmyra and Stonehenge is simply that we knew exactly what Palmyra was all about. We knew exactly what the temple symbolised, and we are not really sure about Stonehenge. I don’t think makes it any less relevant to us historically.

Can somebody actually explain of me what they are trying to achieve? Does anybody actually know? In actuality, do IS actually know what they are doing or are they just making it up as they go along?

Of course it was not only the temple, but an eighty-two-year-old scholar… What harm was he actually doing? Learning? Are they against people learning? I just don’t understand what they are trying to convey. Maybe that is the point, maybe we are not actually supposed to know what they are doing. I suppose that could be their idea of terror, you know, that we are scared of everything because we just don’t know what they are going to do.

Seems silly, but in the lack of all other explanation, that is the conclusion that I am going to reach.


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