Things I am thankful for… Week ending 16 August 2015

This is my list of five things for this week:

  1. Readers. I have had an amazing amount of readers of my blog this week. I have also unleashed the first section of my book to beta readers, and excitedly await the feedback. I have already had feedback on the first chapter, and it has certainly given me a lot think about.
  2. Family. As I mentioned before, my nephew came up to stay with my family for the week, and I got to spend a bit of time with him. His name is Cosmo, and he is three. I also got to spend a bit of time with his brother (my step nephew) Alfie.
  3. Costume. The last piece of my costume has arrived, and I will try it all on tomorrow, so wish me luck.
  4. Work. It was three years ago today that I left paid employment with the probation service. I miss the people more than I do the actual job, and I am loving spending time doing writing instead of work at an office. I got to look back on a photo of some of us spending my last day and remembering my time there.
  5. Friends. I have managed to make a few new friends on Facebook, there were actually old friends in real life. It is great to catch up with them again 🙂

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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