Coffee shop 

His finger hovered over the send key. The editor needed to see his latest draft, as it was going to make him a millionaire. For sure this time.

His hand clutched at his coffee shop coffee as he considered the future.

That noise, though, put put put! Who had a motor on? In a cafe?

He sighed loudly in frustration, and he gripped the cup tighter.

Hit send! The world needed those words!

Put put put!

He hit delete by mistake, and smashed the cup into the laptop. It fizzled and died, along with his spirit.

Put put put!

Andrew felt himself snap, as he headed for the thing that stole his destiny. A motor, seriously? He glared at it before running to turn it off.


No draft, though. Or laptop. Or coffee.

Defeated, he walked from the shop.

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