Jackie Fitch… RIP


Today was the funeral of Jackie Fitch, who I worked with. Her battle with cancer was as brave as it was long. I didn’t attend the funeral, but she was in my thoughts today. Has been since diagnosis, and even before as she was someone I really got on with. You know when you just click with someone? 

When she was diagnosed, she told us to stay in touch, but for fun things rather than doom and gloom. So, any talk was upbeat.

Memories? Well, every time we spoke, or she crossed my mind, funny tales filled my mind.

Like Helen saying she fell off a chair in prison, but Jackie didn’t help, as she was too busy laughing behind the flipchart.

Or Jackie herself explaining a giggle fit when someone relaxed so much they blew off.

Or Jackie holding a door shut so nobody could have gotten out, as she thought someone was throwing a spider at her.


Oh, and if a teenager approached me and grunted it would be her son, Thom.
So, anyway, bye bye Jackie, stay smiling until we meet again!



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