The gift

This is my entry into this week’s Sunday photo fiction, enjoy!


“I have brought you back a present!”

At the sound of her friends’ voice, Natasha put down the book she was reading and scampered towards the stairs. “I didn’t know that you were back home,” she exclaimed as she ran to embrace the new arrival. “You should have given me a call, and I would have collected you.”

Claire just waved off the protests with a smile “I am here now, so what difference did it actually make? Anyway, did you not hear what I said?”

“Of course I did, I was just trying to play it cool.” Natasha pointed towards the kettle and raised a brow questioningly. She was rewarded by an enthusiastic nod, so she turned away to make a drink. “What have you brought me?”

When she turned back around she noticed the pyramid -shaped container endorsed with images. She fell in love immediately, and hugged her friend. “It is beautiful, where did you find it?”

“I can’t remember,” Claire commented as she pushed the artefact towards her friend. “I just knew that you would like it.”

“I do!” Natasha may have disagreed if she had already seen it glowing in some odd manner during the night.


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