Monday Journal

Well, here we are at the start of yet another week. So, what have I been up to in the past seven days? The answer to that would be, not a lot of writing. Real-life managed to rear its ugly head to get in the way of everything that I wanted to do. Never mind. These things always seem to happen and so I do not want to get too down about anything like that.

The current word count of my work in progress is 47,151 so this has not gone up very much at all. It is not only my bigger project which is suffered though, as I have only entered one competition over the last seven days. However, my entry into this week’s Sunday fiction competition has proved to be my most popular work on my blog, with views, likes, and comments. This has to be a good thing.

This has led to a kind of crisis of conscience. Am I actually better at writing short stories then I am long ones? I am actually really enjoying doing the longer piece of work, but everything I do that is short is getting a lot more attention from people. I am sure many people go through this one, and all I can do is finish the longer piece and see what happens then.

Speaking of the longer, I am actually very near the point where I wondered whether I was going to split it to make a series of books. The word count is a bit lower than what I would have liked, but I still find myself toying with this idea. It will be interesting to know what everybody makes of this. Would the idea of a series put people off before I even start, would people find it interesting?

Let me give you the description of my longer piece of work, so you can make a better decision:

Alice is a young disabled girl that was taken in at the age of six by a man called Warren. He is the owner of the freakshow based in Las Vegas, and she always assumed that he had taken her in because of her ability to paint even though she has no arms. Her belief system changes when she meets a man called Jordan. Jordan has wings, and says that he is a Dream Guardian. She then finds out that she has the opposite power to his own, which is Dream Walking. She learns that she shares this power with Warren, and that was actually why he had adopted her. Her mind is opened as she begins exploring the world of dreams, and learning who she is. The question that she faces, is whether she is actually like Warren, who raised her and she has always trusted, or like Jordan, a man she has just met and knows nothing about.

What are your thoughts? Series worthy, or a one off?

Anyway, I hope to get much more writing done this week than I did last week. Shouldn’t be that difficult, but, you know, famous last words.

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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