What Harry Potter Is Actually About. Childhood Ruined. (Link)there are a

I have read this before somewhere, and I actually think that this is a very good explanation of Harry Potter. At the very least it is an alternative view, that creeps it back into the reality of what we’ll consider ‘normal’.

Of course, everybody likes the idea of magic, along with the battles that Harry is involved with in the struggle for everything that is good. We would all like to think of him as the hero, but then, there is no reason that his battles be based in real life.

The best stories normally involve some sort of process where they hero is transported into a different kind of reality where they discovered that they have powers over everybody else, making them more of a hero in the traditional sense.

An example of this would be, Sucker Punch. This is actually a film that is based on illusion, and delusion of the central character.

In my view, if Harry Potter was based on the characters delusions, then it would certainly not make it any less interesting. Or even less of a struggle. I don’t think that this would make him less of a hero, although, maybe, less of a role model.

I would love to hear your opinions on this 🙂 So, please drop me a comment.

What Harry Potter Is Actually About. Childhood Ruined..


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