Monday Journal

My work in progress has a word count of 45,330 words. The observant among you will probably realise that this has not changed very much since last week. I know. All I can really do is apologise for that because real life has certainly got in the way of my writing in the past seven days. It is not going to get any better for the next part, because I am going away on Thursday and will not return until Monday afternoon. So, I am guessing the word count is going to stay about the same. After the convention is over (at the weekend) then I am more likely to be able to work on my story as bit harder!

So, the convention is going to be at the weekend and I have been hard at work on sorting out what I am going to wear. On the Friday I am just going to wear normal clothes so that I can have a good look around and get my bearings for the weekend. On Saturday, Harley Quinn is going to arrive accompanied by the Joker. On Sunday, the Rumour is going to be there accompanied by a minion. I am pretty sure that she would appreciate an army of minions surrounding her 🙂

anyway, at some point next week there will be a review of the weekend that I have experienced in London.

Not much else has happened to share with you, so I will just leave you thinking about the fact I have not written very much. At least I have a reason! 


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