Things I am thankful for… #Week one

I am now going to do this as a weekly thing, because I am finding that real-life keeps getting in the way of me posting it every day!

So my five for the week are:

  1. Getting more and more likes. I hit the record for daily likes a grand total of three times this week. I also managed to get a lot of comments on my work which generally makes me smile (hint)!
  2. Finishing a book. This is always a pleasing event in my life, and I am generally found with her nose in a book.
  3. Getting everything prepared for the comic convention next weekend. I am starting to get more and more excited about what is to come.
  4. Getting some writing done. Whether it be on my work in progress, responding to writing prompts, or just writing short stories… Whatever I do I feel satisfied that I have completed it.
  5. Gaining followers on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. My followers have grown over the last week and I am grateful for every single one of you.

Feel free to drop me a comment as some point, because everything you say makes me smile 🙂

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