Internet cafe

The thing about an Internet cafe was that it somehow stopped the mystery of the Internet. You see, on the Internet everybody was essentially the same, because who could not see race, gender, age, or ethnicity of the person typing. I actually enjoyed the anonymity of it all. When you are online, it did not matter what subject you are posting on because nobody knew anything about you.

That all fell apart when you were faced with the Internet cafe. Suddenly, everybody could see you and, for me, it affected what I was going to put. It was true that nobody could see what people were typing, or what they were typing about, but it made all the difference. As a small, female, fairy I was less likely to wade into an argument between generally male ogres as I was while sitting in the privacy of my own home.

There may make you wonder why I picked the Internet cafe at all. Well, I am certainly not what you would consider a flamer. I was just saying that you are more likely to post anything when you are sitting at home. I happen to like the social aspect of the Internet cafe, because here you were able to start a conversation with just about everybody. I mean, online you might find yourself in some kind of argument with a group of male ogres did not realise that you were a female fairy, but in some Internet cafe you might find yourself in some conversation with the male troll that you would not meet under normal circumstances. I like that element.

Like today, I turned to the person who was sitting beside me. I held the cup of steaming broth in                      both of my hands and regarded the male elf who sat looking at the computer screen. He was everything that you would expect from an elf. Good looking, tall, slim, long blonde hair, and pure white skin. “What are you looking at?” I asked him, before adding a justification to my question, “Only I am bored, and I have no idea what to go looking at.”

He turned towards me and gave me a smile that could only be described as indulgent. “What I am looking at is probably of no interest to a fairy. However, have you tried playing one of those online role-playing games way you can play as a mortal human?”

“Oh, you mean like 20th-century human?”

“Exactly like that, have you played it?”

I took a sip at my broth, as I nodded my head. “I actually got to quite a high level of the game, but not enough of my friends were playing it. I either had to pay or give up totally.”

He nodded with understanding. “I am in a similar position. Maybe we should actually become friends within the game so that we can progress. I mean, we can share friends and just enhance the whole experience for free.”

I was already one step ahead of him and scribbling down all my contact details for the game. This was the way that I grew my network of friends for the game. I did not agree with the idea of paying for it. He would learn. I handed him the page and gave him a bright smile. “My name is Lana, nice to meet you.”

“Vengar,” he announced as he lent forwards to shake my outstretched hand. “I will add you in a moment.” With that, he abruptly turned back to his computer and ended the conversation.

Not bothered by this sudden end I turned to my other side and began eyeing up the female pixie sitting there. Time to make another new friend.

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