Things I am thankful for… #5

Here are my five things for today:

  1. Finding my post for tomorrow’s Friday fun. I have scheduled it to appear at 9 AM tomorrow, so just settle and relax while you wait.
  2. As some of you have already read, I have managed to surpass my goal for the most likes in one day in this blog. Eighteen may not sound like a lot to some of you, but to me that is absolutely amazing!
  3. The nurse managed to get blood out of me within five minutes. Anybody who knows me would know what an achievement that is. The nurses generally have a couple of attempts, but this one was done in the first go.
  4. Getting everything ready for the comic convention. All of the outfits are now prepared, so we need to do is a few last-minute checks.
  5. Making some progress with my reading. It has been a while since I have managed to pick up a book, but last night I actually read quite a bit of my latest book.

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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