Things I am thankful for… #4

Here are my five things for the day:

  1. New comments, subscribers, and likes on WordPress. These continue to grow every day, and I am amazingly overwhelmed by the acknowledgement that I am receiving from other people. I will always be grateful for people reading my work and taking their time out to drop me a comment.
  2. Finding almond flour. I have spent many weeks of searching for this, as the first place that I found it suddenly stopped doing it. However, today I randomly found some on a shelf, along with some coconut flour. I am one step nearer to becoming grain free!
  3. The rain. I never thought that I would say this, ever. It was nice to see the rain earlier today, although I am glad that I was not outside.
  4. Likes on Facebook. I have gained a couple here over the last few days, along with some engagement on my page which is always nice to see.
  5. Working out the piece of HTML which had been going wrong. I managed to fix my press this button which involved a piece of broken code that I had to try and fix. But, hurray, it is all fixed and ready to use!

2 thoughts on “Things I am thankful for… #4

    1. I made a banana bread with the flour, and it was pretty awesome! So I am pretty happy that I have managed to find what I need to repeat that recipe 🙂

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