Things I am thankful for…#3

I never got around to doing this yesterday, but here is today’s five things:

  1. Finishing a piece of flash fiction. My story, shot down, has led to me beating my record of the highest number of likes in one day. After publishing it, I reached sixteen likes. This probably does not sound very many to some of you, but I am absolutely blown away by it.
  2. Finishing this week’s midweek blues buster challenge. I really enjoyed writing about Medusa, and am actually quite proud of what came out.
  3. The weather. It is not too hot, but at the same time it is quite pleasant to look outside and see children playing.
  4. My cat. Jezebel is currently sitting behind me and making encouraging noises as I am writing. I find this very motivational.
  5. Remembering what happened in London ten years ago today, and being grateful for not being a part of it. I did work for AOL at the time as a news special, which was very trying. However, I will always be glad that it did not touch anybody in my family that lived in London at the time.

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