Things I am thankful for…

Day 2

My five things:

  1.  Updating my story on both tablo  and scrivener.  I am only putting it on tablo because I am paranoid that if my computer was to crash I would lose all of my work.
  2.   Getting likes on my fifty word story. Admittedly, I do not receive a lot of feedback for the work that I publish on here. I do appreciate it when things get liked, because it means that somebody is enjoying my work.
  3.  That it is not so hot today. I find it a lot easier to concentrate on writing when I am not thinking that it is to hot and uncomfortable.
  4.  Getting new followers. I got three followers after I published my fifty word story, and I appreciate every single one that I get.
  5. Reminiscing with old friends. It had been twenty-one years to the day since I embarked on a month long journey with complete strangers. Unsurprisingly, we all returned as very good friends. It has been nice remembering that journey today 🙂

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