Thoughts for the day…

Wow, it has been hot today!
I would say that I have not really been in the writing mood, but that would be a bit of a lie because I have managed to do 909 words on my WIP. All of the prompts that I have read today have somehow left me dry. I am just going to have to think about them for a little bit longer. Usually I do the MWBB as soon as I see it, but today I looked at the prompt and have so far come up with nothing. I am sure that this will change, and I will have a great idea. The good news is, that I have until Friday for that one.
Saying that though, it is my birthday tomorrow so I am probably not going to get very much done 🙂
There is only three weeks remaining until I hit the comic convention in London. It is running for three days, but I only plan on going in costume for two of them. On the Saturday I will be Harley Quinn (from the Batman universe), and on Sunday I will be The Rumour (from The Umbrella Academy). I am looking forward to that, and obviously will give it a review when I return.
Speaking of reviews, I will get right round to typing up my review on the last book that I read. The next book is incredibly short and it is likely that both reviews will appear on the same day!
The last piece of writing that I did was a fifty word story called Dream infatuation. I really like the picture that I found to go with it, would anybody like to see a longer piece of fiction based on the story or is that fifty words enough? Please give me your opinions.
Well, I just thought that I would get everybody caught up on what I was up to at the moment. I didn’t want to not post anything!
As usual, comments are appreciated on all of my work and I will endeavour to reply. Please feel free to stop by and say hello 🙂

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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