Abandoned church

This is my entry into this week’s midweek blues buster challenge. The details of this weeks challenge can be found here.

Cherry frowned into the semidarkness of the empty building. Well, it was supposed to be empty, and that was the whole point of breaking in. Nobody would be able to witness while she, and her boyfriend obviously, had their own little piece of fun. It had always been a desire of hers to do it in the church. It had all seemed too good to be true when they stumbled upon the abandoned building earlier that day. They had planned to come back that night and cross something from the bucket list.

She strained her ears as she stood completely still and listened for that noise that she had heard. The one that made her think that she and her boyfriend were not alone in that building.

He came up behind her and grabbed hold of her waist. “What’s wrong, Buttercup? Having second thoughts?”

“Shut up!” Cherry pushed him away with a bit more force than she intended. As he staggered backwards and fell nosily into a pew she instantly felt her anger melt away. The frown disappeared from her face as she moved to grab his arm. “Sorry, Sin, but I thought that I heard something. I am definitely not having second thoughts about this, because it is something that I have always wanted to do.”

“Yeah, ‘cos you’re weird!”

She gave his arm a mock slap as a piece of retaliation. Cherry pointed towards the end of the aisle, and began to walk in that direction. “I reckon that we should do it right with the couples would take their wedding vows, because…” Her voice trailed away as she heard the noise again. She whirled around to face Sin. “Did you hear that?”

“What is that?”

“I am glad that I am not the only one,” Cherry whispered as she started to work out which direction the noise was coming from. “It doesn’t sound like it is an animal. It sounds like group of people or something like that. Hey, maybe we have actually stumbled upon the secret meeting of a cult?”

“Now you are just being silly.”

“Seriously, it definitely is not an animal, and I would say that it is not a group of animals either. It sounds to me like some kind of music. They must be performing some kind of ritual.” She started walking towards a door that they could just see in the back wall. “I want in!”

“If something like that is going on, then we should just get out of here before anyone finds us.”

Ignoring his warning, Cherry reached the doorway and began to push it open. The music got louder as she did so, and she stood completely enthralled. She found herself in a room surrounded by cloaked figures like something out of a fiction book. They had not noticed her because they were too busy concentrating on whatever was in the middle of the circle that they made. At that point she should have backed away and left the strange scene somewhere behind her. For some reason, she found herself walking further into the room to try and see what was inside the circle.

That was when she felt the firm hands of her boyfriend planted on her back. He shoved her violently forwards so that she fell into the centre of the circle.

“What the…” She started to ask as she sat up on the floor. Her eyes widened as she saw Sin pulling up the hood of his own cloak.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” he muttered as the figures began to advance.

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