Remember tomorrow

Andrew just looked at his teacher, Miss Temple, with an aghast expression on his face. There had to be some mistake, because surely he had misheard her question. What she had just, or what he thought she had just said, was absolutely impossible. There was no way that a person could remember an event that had not actually happened.

He took a moment to gather his thoughts. “Sorry?”

“There was me thinking that you were paying attention,” Miss Temple scolded without any malice in her tone. “I simply asked if you remember tomorrow?”

“That is what I thought you said, but nobody can remember an event that has not yet happened.”

“Very true.”

“Why did you ask if you already knew the answer?”

Miss Temple turned back from the blackboard, on which she had been writing, and regarded her student. “That would be what my entire job consists of doing,” she replied with a smile. “However, there is a more important reason that I asked the question. You see, I need to ascertain exactly what dimension you are existing on.”


There was a pause before Miss Temple put down her piece of chalk and settled herself into the chair behind her desk. “I am sure that you have not missed this, Prince, but you are about to turn sixteen and, as such, you will be coming into the power of crossing dimensions. I was just checking that you are not exploring them on your own time. You know full well that the training will take place, and nothing should be done without the correct supervision of Skylar.”

“I would do nothing that is not within protocol.”

Miss Temple inclined her head slightly. “You understand, of course, that I was instructed to ask that question by the higher powers. I would never dream of accusing you of anything like that.”

Andrew thought about that statement. It was very true that the higher powers would want to know if he was somehow cheating the system. If he came into the power early and tried to explore the other dimensions by himself there was no telling what damage he would cause. One thing did trouble him about the whole thing, nonetheless. “I did not think that crossing into a different dimension would allow you to time travel. This does make me wonder, why that question? Why did you ask me if I remember tomorrow?”

“In some other dimensions it is already tomorrow. In that case, the answer to the question would have told me if you had been travelling.”

“I see.”

“Anyway, it is very important that you always remember tomorrow. Remember that tomorrow exists.”

“That is a very wise piece of advice.” Andrew picked up his pen before scribbling the note on his piece of paper. That was the kind of advice that was going to serve him well when he was king.


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