This is a response to the Sunday photo fiction challenge. You might want to go and check this out 🙂

Anyway, this is my story…

People assume that I play solitaire because I am bored. Not true. I don’t do it to stimulate my mind either, because I memorise the solution to the problem a long time ago. Thing is, now I do it without thinking about it.

The actual reason that I do it is because I really do not have to think about it. It is a good cover because people assume that you are paying a lot of attention to the game in front of you. For me it is a way of hiding from the world. You see, when I am playing solitaire people do not disturb me and talk about all the mundane things that people find fun. The weather, the news, the latest births in the family, and of course death would also be included in casual conversation.

I don’t want to be bothered by any of those things, so I pull out my little solitaire set and step away from the world. It is not because I do not care about all of the things, but because I simply do not want to discuss everything in detail with everybody in the room.

My little wooden solitaire set was the best gift that I ever received from my family.

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