Vengeance will be mine

She looked back towards him, and was instantly angry. “Are you actually saying that you think I am to blame for this?” Skye folded her arms, and narrowed her eyes. “I am not the person that was fucking another one… So, please, tell me exactly how you think this is all my fault.”

“You drove me to this,” Christian replied without stopping to think. “If you were actually putting out then I would not have been driven to go and find entertainment by myself.”

Skye just stared back, incredulous. “It is not like I give you nothing!”

Christian blew out the air between his lips. “It sure as hell feels that way.” He stalked over towards the door. “Anyway, you should be happy because that kind of entertainment cost her big.” He smiled at the memory of her blood dripping down his neck. “You should take that as a fact that I actually care about you.”

“I know that you killed her, but would you have actually done that if I hadn’t caught you balancing her on your balls?”

Christian growled. “She was always going to die, Skye. I think that you are forgetting that I am a vampire and have certain needs.”

“I think that you are forgetting who made you what you are.”

“Not at all.” He opened the door, and stepped over the threshold. “But I am also remembering that you are simply a bearer of magic, and not truly immortal. I will be long gone and out of the range of your magic before you can do anything. It is truly a pity that it had to end this way, Skye.”

As he left she felt him disappearing into the woods that surrounded that small house. Her lips twisted into a smile as she walked over towards the fireplace. He had not noticed, or simply did not care, that her powers had grown over the last year. Now she could do a lot more than create a member of the undead just by thinking about it. The reason that she had made Christian had been particularly selfish. She had wanted to make herself a companion that would be bound to her in a unique way. Also, she had not wanted him to age a day.

Unlike before, there was no range to her magic. So she was in no hurry to arrange for her revenge on Christian. It appeared that he would not see it coming.

She sat down and opened a book about vampires. It was a common misconception that they did not have a soul. They actually did, but what they lacked was a conscience. Christian was not going to lack that for very much longer. She had to laugh as she lay silly mixed the ingredients she was going to need into her little pot.

“Nobody cheats on me. Ever.”

Skye began to cast the spell that she knew would bring him back to her. He would suddenly find himself unable to kill, or even feed, without that crippling feeling of guilt. There was no doubt that she would see Christian again because he would need her to remove the spell.

There was no knowing whether or not she would do this. It would depend whether she was still angry.


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