Meet me in the alleyway

“Meet me in the alleyway.”

When he said the words to me, I have to admit that they sounded a little bit dubious. I will never be quite sure why I agreed with him. He had simply nodded his head, finished his drink, and exited the bar through the main doors. I watched him go with the idle curiosity that I had got used to when I was watching him. Yes, everybody did think that he was a little bit weird, and, admittedly, I was one of those people that have joined in the gossip and sniggered behind his back.

However, behind everybody else’s back I actually thought that he was quite brilliant. Definitely the best at his job, and he had a very strange understanding of the criminal mind. He just seem to know when somebody was guilty, and when they were completely innocent even if the evidence was against them.

This did actually make me feel a little bit vulnerable as I left the bar behind me. I mean, I was guilty of many different crimes, even if I did not think of them as crimes. I mean, if you ignored some things in order to get a good fuck, where was the harm? Then again, if you beat the living snot out of somebody because their crime had somehow affected your own family, then I am doubtful that anybody would find you have done wrong.

Still, I scuffed my feet in a nervous gesture as I glanced towards the dark alleyway. Christ, you could hide the body down there and it will be days before anybody found it.

I am not sure why that thought ran through my mind at that particular moment. It was not like I thought that Charles was going to kill me. I am not sure what he wanted, to be honest, but then we were partners at work so I am assuming that he wanted to give me information of some kind. Hopefully this was going to be nothing weird, like telling me that the bosses were the real killers.

We had caught the killers, but for some reason, Charles considered that the case was not solved properly. He was into these stupid conspiracy theories that seem to involve absolutely everything.

I pulled the cigarette from its box and placed it to my lips. As I patted my pockets for a lighter I noticed the red glow in the alleyway. The site made me smile because I realised that he was standing in the dark, smoking as he waited for me. It suddenly seemed to be less of a threatening situation and I shoved my hands into my pockets and entered the darkness.

By the time that I realised it was not Charles I was walking towards, it was too late. Surprisingly there was no pain as the knife cut through my body and the blood spilled forth. As I fell, I noticed that Charles was lying nearby but staring at nothing.

“He had evidence against most people,” my boss said to me. “Knowing him he would have posted it to you. I can’t risk that, Danny, so here we are.”

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