What are you afraid of?

This is a question that I saw on a blog, and at first I thought it was going to be a really easy answer. But then I actually started to think about it, and I actually began to think, what am I afraid of?

The actual answer to that would be, I am not sure.

It is certainly not the things that are most common. By that I mean, spiders, heights, flying, falling, enclosed spaces, drowning… No, it is certainly none of the.

I am not likely to become a tarantula owner or anything like that, but, I am not that bothered by one wandering around in the house or anything like that. The same goes for snakes, clowns, or any other insect or thing that seems to strike fear into people’s hearts.

Not me.

So, what exactly am I afraid of? That is actually a very good question and I am not exactly sure what the answer would be. Maybe it is performing in front of a large crowd, because that is not something that I am put myself forward to do, but then again, am I afraid of it or just that it makes me feel uncomfortable?

I am not saying that I am not afraid of anything, but just that it is not the usual suspects. I am always afraid of judgement, but then show me a writer that is not afraid of what people are going to say when they read their work. If people say that they are not bothered by this then they are probably lying.

I guess that not being bothered by very much would be the product of dealing with a future that is certainly not full of sunshine and rainbows. Even that does not scare me, because even though I am likely to end up like Stephen Hawking, who can honestly say that he is not a great role model? I could honestly say that I would be happy if I am half person that he has turned out to be!

Anyway, enough about that, as was going to be a blog about what I am afraid of. After all of this, I can say that I am still not sure of what the answer actually is. It is certainly a bit of a head scratcher.

3 thoughts on “What are you afraid of?

  1. I am afraid that I may not live to see the full fruit of all my work in this world. I know that God will bless my work abundantly in the long run; but shall I be there to see it? See my children become the great people that I am confident they will be? My work impact the world as I hope it will? These are my fears.

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