I have not actually dropped off the face of the world when it comes to writing, my short stories are still buzzing about in my head and will appear at some point on my blog.

However, at the moment I am busy working on my character interview’s for my latest work in progress, which I will start writing during CampNaNoWriMo in April. Yes, in case you missed my small update earlier I will be taking part in this year’s camp. My work in progress is at the moment untitled, but hopefully I will think of the title at some point during the writing process. I will of course keep you all informed on my progress with this during April.

I would put a complete character interview up, but I do not edit them because they are not designed to be read by anybody except me. As a result, they are in a bit of a mess and I do not intend to edit them just to put up on my blog!

So this is just a quick update, so that you will know that I am still here and waving among you. Do not panic, the writing that you know will commence again soon 🙂


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