My thoughts on 50 shades of Grey

Well, you just get can’t away from this disaster that is going on around us. I just had to throw in my tuppence worth. Firstly, this is not a love story but a story of systematic abuse. It seems beyond me that this has now been made a film and is going to be provided to the masses as an epic story of love, set to be released on Valentine’s Day no less.

Why do I say abuse? Very simple. BDSM and the whole dominant/submissive relationship is one that is based on trust. The submissive is normally somebody who has been schooled into the process. If a dominant was to try and choose a submissive that has never been in that kind of relationship before, they will provide the needed education (nowadays Google, and some websites), and this is as far as the book goes along with reality. After that, well, if the chosen submissive comments that they do not want anything to do with that lifestyle, the dominant will then walk away and never mention it again. However, as any readers will have noted, Christian Grey received a piece of communication from a chosen submissive, Anastasia Steele, telling him thanks but no thanks. Instead of walking away from the situation, he then goes and basically rapes Anastasia so that she agrees to be what he asked her to be.

A dominant is not usually involved in every single thing that a submissive does. They don’t usually provide them with a phone, text them or email them several times, bring them demanding whereabouts, criticise their friends, and especially not get them a car because they do not like the car that they actually drive.

It is a completely controlling, aggressive relationship that is based solely on Christian Grey’s needs, rather than that of Anastasia. In reality, her needs would be the priority, and if she did not like a certain thing then it would not be done. Even when they are doing the contract, and she says no to anything anal, he replies, he will leave that open because he wants to do that at some point in the future to her.

If I met somebody like Christian Gray, then I would not be thinking he was some kind of romantic, but I would be ringing the police!

Mind you, if the author had stuck to the original way that these relationships work, this would have been very different story. Whatever it is now though, please do not get sucked into the idea that it is a love story.


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