Book review – High Stakes Seduction (High Stakes Seduction #1) – Ami LeCoeur

In this book, the main character, Angela, finds out that her father who has been missing for one year has now died. You find out that he has always blamed himself for the accident that killed her mother, and put her sister in a wheelchair. You also find out that he was a gambler, and had a drink problem. However, at the time of his death he was in rehab so you could only assume that he was trying to make amends.

When she goes to pick up his personal belongings, she takes them home to her sister and both of them go through them together. They discover the key to a safe deposit box, and Angela goes back out to the bank in order to investigate.

In the safe deposit box she finds an insurance policy for half $1 million. Unfortunately, neither her or her sister are the beneficiaries. Instead it is a man that she has never heard of called Antonio Mancini.

Not surprisingly, she decides to investigate this and discovers that Antonio is very rich, but also very good looking, and exactly her type. She tries to contact him by phone, to discuss everything, but is told to go to his office and see him in person. Angela does this, and discovers that he had often bailed her father out, and indeed, the mortgage of the house also belonged to him. He is reluctant to give up the money which is then owed to him, but he offers Angela a job as his associate. He offers her a very generous wage, but insists that the debt will be taken out of her wages.

Angela meets Antonio for several events, and she discovers that she really is attracted to him. The feelings appear mutual at points, but he tends to blow hot and blow cold with her, which just leads to her feeling confused.

Meanwhile, her sister, Maria, has a further accident and damages her back even further. However, she is told that there is an operation that may allow her to walk again. Sadly, this would cost more money than both of them are ever going to see.

Angela knows that Antonio could afford to pay out for the operation, but the question is, what is she willing to offer him in return for him lending the money?

The book itself is very well written, and is a very easy read with interesting characters and development. In the end I gave this four-star’s as a short read, but a very enjoyable one. I will probably buy further books in the series just to find out what happens to all of the characters.

I was very intrigued to read about the character Maria, mainly because it is the first time that I have seen such a main character in a novel like this that has a physical disability. What is even more astonishing, is there is even the hint of her having a relationship with Antonia’s driver. Only a hint, mind you.

I would recommend this book as a very quick read that you will enjoy.


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