well, that was a failure 😦

real life got in the way and it was all appointments, phone calls, form filling, bill paying, yada yada, yada… However, I did manage to get over 10,000, and so I am happy about that in my own little way.

I was going to give it one last push next week, and see just how far it can get, but I have just received a letter telling me that I have not yet another appointment to attend at a hospital. Meanwhile, I the things being rushed through before I go on holiday have not arrived, and so I will probably be spending my time next week chasing that up (when I am not at the hospital!)

can somebody give me a way to make real life just disappear?

oh yes, and I even managed to fit in the car breaking down!!!!!!!!!

so now, I am just going to relax (when not at the hospital or chasing up missing equipment!) and looking forward to my holiday. I wonder if real life can leave me alone there?


3 thoughts on “CampNaNoWriMo

  1. Real life can be a real pain, really, trust me, I know. Ironically, writing is the best way to make real life disappear. Probably not that helpful, I guess. But true, nonetheless.


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