There is a new application out there that is designed to keep the creative mind going. I use this on my iPad. It is called WriteItvs for iOS, and it is free, which is always a bonus!

What you do is receive a new random title, and choose up to 3 words (easy, medium, and hard). Once you have done that you have to write a part of the story that contains the title as well as the words that you have chosen. All of this is done within ninety seconds.

Then it connects to the games centre, Facebook, Tumblr, is as well as twitter way you published the story and search for opponents.

Sadly, this is where I am let down as none of my friends are playing, or want to when I invite them.

However, I am not that bothered because it is the initial idea that I find inspiring. I mean, the title that you generate. I had the title, in hell I am in heaven, and my three words were God, sweetheart, and convey.

In order to fit into twitter the story should be 140 characters.

My part was this:

“#God send me to hell. ‘#Sweetheart,’ he said to me, ‘I need to #convey a message’. Mine is this, #in hell I am in heaven”

Okay, so that may not be the most creative of sentences, but it did get me thinking. As a result, I am probably going to write story based around this idea. Every now and then (if nobody ever plays with me) I will start of the new game by myself in order to generate ideas.

If you have it then feel free to challenge me to a game! (I am not that good, as I do not type very fast and the iPad does not recognise my dictation software! So expect typos, and that dreaded AutoCorrect!) In the games centre I am known as Harmony77uk.


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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