Dreamlander by K.M.Welland – A review


“What if it were possible to live two very different lives in two separate worlds? What if their dreams we are awaken from are the fading memories of that second life? What if one day we woke up in the wrong world?”

This is exactly what happens to be hero of this story whose name is Chris Redston. Chris is an average guy who lives in Chicago. He starts to dream of a woman on a horse who kills him every night. Naturally, he is a bit freaked out by this because it seems so real. Then he meets another man in Chicago who claims to know all about the dreams. From that moment on his life is changed.

He gets knocked unconscious and wakes up in the other world. Lael.

Lael is the world that time forgot. That is to say, there have been no technological developments in that area such as cars, phones, guns etc. Chris must learn how to cope in that world and the rules within it, as he is, what is known as, the Gifted. Gifted are the selected individuals, chosen by the God of all, who are able to live in both worlds.

In Lael, Chris has the help of the Searcher. She is there to train him and to guide him, but he is unequipped for what is to come.

The world’s are breaking apart and he needs to redress the imbalance, even though he is not sure how. He wants to do what is right, for both worlds, for his family (that exist in both worlds), and for everybody alive.

This is a fast moving fantasy book, written half with a historical point of view (no bad thing). Because of this it can be viewed as a method of time travel. So, if you like that kind of book then you will definitely like Dreamlander. It will also appeal to those that like fantasy in general.

The book pulls no punches, and the characters are very real, and react to the situation in the way that you would expect.

Not the book to read if you are looking for a nice and fluffy ending. No fairytale here. Saying that, the actual ending of the book is upbeat… But it is not the one that you expect when you start reading! I am not going to give this away, you need to read it in order to find that one out!

K.M.Weland paints pictures with words, and a lot is left of the imagination of the reader, which is good when it comes to fantasy lands. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would recommend this to anybody.

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