Nothing like annoyance to halt creativity!

Council want money I don’t have for my care AND council tax… Errrr, think not!

I am all for contributions but, you know, fair ones… Not half your income a week! I mean, food, electricity, heating? Hello!

Maybe I should make this a poem and write out annoyance, lol…




3 thoughts on “Grr!

  1. Oh, please do. Poetry written in fits of anger – especially justified – is often wonderful. Not being English, I don’t know what a council tax is, but it sounds like something to do with the medical system??? One of the reasons I moved from U.S. Costa Rica has socialized medicine that works, and U.S. has thieves that work. A tough choice, but one I had to make. Best of luck…carry on.


    1. Council tax is a tax for living in a house… Not rent, if you own the house it is still taxed! Robbing bastards!
      Next day – still angry!


      1. My friend from Coventry talked about living in a “council house” and I connected that with your post. Tax to live in a house? What is the alternative? Americans are so adept at avoiding taxes, then pitching a fit about public services being poorly maintained, since there’s no tax money coming in…but house tax would a hard one to evade. Go ahead and scream…I don’t think Grrrrr is enough.


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