It came from nowhere. The slight breeze had picked up until it became a wind, and then the wind had picked up until it became the storm I saw before me. The rain lashed out at the trees, and the wind howled around the house. The afternoon sun had disappeared behind the clouds, and now everywhere had fallen into an eerie darkness. I had watched it all from my bedroom window. I had seen how the still of the day had been reduced into chaos in a matter of minutes.

I sighed and put my forehead on the cool glass. It was as though I was watching nature’s version of my own life. Well, of my marriage at least.

The argument that had torn us apart had come from nowhere. Nothing had seemed untoward and so we had not been prepared when the hurricane hit. The argument itself had been nothing unusual. I mean, couples always argued, right? Even the subject matter had not been an unusual. It was about money; everything was about money at the end of the day.

No, what had been an unusual was the way that it came from nothing. Could we have seen that the slight breeze was picking up? Maybe if we had noticed before it became the wind we could have prevented the storm. It was a question I’ve pondered every day since the event.

As I watched the storm, I was slightly despondent. I could see that the storm was doing no major damage, and that when it passed the sun would shine again like nothing had happened. People would forget how they had been lashed by the rain, and battered by the wind. The noise would die down, and the drama would disappear.

Mind you, even if it had been doing any major damage, people would soon forget and move on. That is what people did, they would forget the bad things that happened and move on.

How I wish that that could be true of everything. It certainly did not apply to me, and my marriage.

The sun had yet to return to my life, and the drama was long from over. I was not able to move on, but instead, I was stuck in needing the relationship back, and forever wondering why I had let it slip away so easily.

I glanced towards my bedside table and the divorce papers yet to sign, and return my gaze to the outside world.

Everything there was beginning to calm down. Inside though, I was still in chaos.

It would seem that my life, my relationship, could not be likened to a storm, as I had originally thought. It had started like one, but every storm ended and the sun returned. In a relationship, things seemed to remain dark.

A single tear slid down my cheek.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. Something I find too often on writing sites is people who do nothing but “like” other people’s work, with the self-centered purpose of getting their work liked. How needy can a person ger? Writers…pretty needy. But, that said, I really liked this up to the point where you wrote the line about “…suffering from the onslaught of my own, personal, hurricane.”
    Trust your reader, is one of those little axioms I heard from instructors, then told my students, and now remind myself every time I sit down to write. I was getting the metaphor.
    Hope you don’t mind constructive criticism…if you do, then write me a hate reply…so be it.
    I really like the casual voice in this piece. It’s like you’re talking directly to me, telling me a story. It’s not like you were focuing on a large audience, but on telling me a story, person-to-person. I love that effect, and not everyone can get it to sound relaxed and natural. Good stuff. This is getting too long – keep writing, I’ll keep reading…even if it’s a hate reply. 🙂


    1. I am not going to leave you a “hate reply” 🙂
      I am quite happy to receive constructive criticism, or any comment in general on my work. in fact, I have several posts on here stating that I do not receive anything by the likes. they are all very nice, and I like to think that people enjoy my work, but with out any comments it is hard to develop, or know if there are any improvements that can be made.
      As a result, I am happy to read what you put. I am also quite happy to take out the line because I do understand what you mean by trust your reader.
      I hope that you continued to like what I do and feel free to post any comments on my work that you desire 🙂


      1. Good for you – not another ego-manical scribbler who just wants to be continually stroked without being asked to improve even the smallest oft things. I’ve been waiting for someone to blast something I’ve written, and I know so much of it deserves it. Never happens. Everyone needs polishing. Glad I found your blog. Carry on, as the first Englishman I met at the tube station told me. (I thought he wanted to check my bag). Silly American !


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